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Disposable Tableware of All Kind

Wherever people gather, whether at home, in businesses, buffet restaurants, or coffee shops, a need for disposable tableware arises. With such an array of disposable dishwares to choose from, finding the right one can be a real challenge.

Our packages are designed to suit the needs of individuals and businesses alike. Whether in terms of price or quality, we can say confidently that Jollychef can be the most sensible choice for you. We have been supplying disposable kitchenware to thousands of individuals and all types of businesses in the USA for years. Whether you're looking for disposable sets for home use or want to customize your disposable dishware’s design with a personal logo and size, we have every solution. With our vast selection of styles, materials, and sizes, you have the freedom to choose exactly what you need.

Our Disposable Serveware Includes:

Disposable Plates: A huge collection of heavy-duty disposable plates with heat, cut, and leakage resistance. Most plastic plates are suitable for both microwave and freezer and our eco-friendly paper plates feature elegant floral designs.

Disposable Cups: Durable disposable cups for less breakage, ideal for home use as well as for festivities like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Types include sturdy plastic cups, disposable paper cups for coffee or tea, elegant champagne flutes, versatile tumbler designs and much more.

Plastic Cutlery: Strong, reusable plastic cutlery options with extra thick handles for heavy duty performance.​

Paper Napkins: Soft, absorbent, and gives lines feel, our paper napkins are more durable than any average towel. Available in different colors and patterns that match your table setting.

Disposable Dinnerware: Heavyweight plastic and paper dinnerware sets that are perfect for any scenario: wedding, party, bars, restaurant, office and more.

Jelly Shot Syringes: Adds fun and creative twist to your parties, ideal for serving jello shots with precision and flair.

The best Deal On Disposable Kitchenware

Check out our disposable tableware options to find what you need. Our store offers free shipping on orders over 99$ and we take great care in packaging our products to prevent damage during transit. Should any items be damaged, we are fully prepared to provide replacements. If you have any questions or need assistance , simply leave us a message; we're always ready to help.

If you’re having struggles to choose between paper and plastic single use tableware, Here's a quick breakdown to help you choose your champion:

Compostable Tableware: Eco-Friendly Hero for Casual Gatherings

Disposable biodegradable tableware takes the crown for eco-conscious events. Made from renewable resources and are compostable, it's a win for Mother Nature. And it offers more convenience as it doesn’t require any washing! Lightweight and portable, paper plates and bowls are perfect for picnics and barbecues on the go. However, as for the not-so-cool part, paper can be a bit of a lightweight itself, struggling with durability and handling liquids.

Ideal Occasions:

  • Picnics
  • Barbecues
  • Bitrhday parties
  • Casual gatherings
  • Outdoor activities
  • Holidays - Christmas, Halloween
  • Events with a focus on sustainability, etc.
Plastic Disposable Tableware: Durable Champion for Formal Events

If durability is your top priority, plastic tableware is what you need. Sturdy plates and bowls can handle heavy dishes without breaking a sweat, and they resist leaks perfectly. Jollychef’s plastic tableware is made with thicker materials that can even be washed and reused a few times. Plus, plastic offers more design options. However, plastic's environmental impact is controversial compared to paper ones. Some people also may have concerns about the materials of plastic disposable dishware, not to worry! Jollychef’s plastic disposable kitchenware is made from 100% non-toxic and food-grade BPA-free materials, so you can rest assured about its safety.

Ideal Occasions:

  • Formal events
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Bars
  • Restaurants etc.

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disposable tableware

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