The paper cups with lids are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. They are great for storing cold/hot coffee, tea, water, juice, and more. The beautiful and elegant design not only meets your daily needs but is also suitable for various other occasions.You can use these iced coffee cups for home, business, restaurants, cafes, etc.Food grade safe materials are not only harmless to the human body, but also environmentally friendly.


Paper Cups

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need sleeves for these cups?

I HIGHLY recommend you get sleeves for these IF they will be used for hot liquids. Your hands will thank you.

Why do these cups have a notation on them that says "do not microwave"?

Iā€™ve ordered these twice now and I really donā€™t know why it says that. Maybe the glue they use? In any case, Iā€™ve put them in the microwave to reheat my tea. Iā€™ve put them in for about a minute at a time without a problem. The only thing I can say is that putting hot liquid in them or reheating the liquid inside makes the cup super hot to the touch. I bought ā€œsleevesā€ to use with them and then itā€™s easier to hold. I highly recommend getting the sleeves if you will be using these for hot drinks. Hope this helps at least a little bit.

Can I buy just cups an no lids?

Sorry, our product is sold together with a lid and cup.

Can it be reused?

Sure, you can use it multiple times before it is damaged.

disposable paper cups

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