Absorbent linen feel paper hand towels for comfort and absorbency, dry your hands completely in one shot! Experience a more delicate yet durable use than your average paper towel. Our disposable towels make your life safe and healthy.

After unfolding, the printed side is displayed in front of your eyes, which is more delicate than the ordinary one. Add charm and elegance to your dining table, bedroom, and bathroom.

Paper Napkins

Paper Napkins

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they come folded?

Of course, the guest towels arrived folded

It says email when shipped, are they back ordered

When I ordered these paper napkins several months back I didn't see any significant delay or problem, but I can't be certain at any particular time for shipping.

Can this be used in guest bathrooms or are they too flimsy and will deteriorate with wet hands?

Too flimsy for guest bath towels. These feel like paper napkins not linen-feel disposable guest towels.

Where can i find the square dinnerware that is being advertised with the nakins?

You can choose from the "plastic dinnerware" series in our store.

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