Our heavyweight plastic dinnerware are the best quality you will find in plastic dinnerware. Every gold disposable dinnerware set is strong enough to hold a full plate of food while sitting or standing. Gold disposable cutlery has extra thick handles, and you can even wipe it clean after use for the next use.

The disposable dinnerware set can suit for your Birthday, banquet dinner, catering event, engagement party, wedding, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and all other occasions. Also, makes a great gift for people who like easy entertainment.

disposable dinnerware sets

Disposable Dinnerware

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Best Disposable Dinnerware Sets

Picture this: The party's in full swing, laughter fills the air, and delicious food is everywhere. But as the host, a tiny voice whispers in the back of your head - "dishes." Jollychef Disposable Dinnerware Sets are here to vanish those dishwashing worries! We offer all types of dinnerware sets that have decorative and minimal designs with different materials and colors available. For a fancy plastic dinnerware, go for the silver, pink, and golden-edged or foil-coated rim options. For a more minimal design, our white or black-colored plastic tableware will do the job!

Heavy Duty Plastic Tableware That Lasts

Our disposable dinnerware sets are super sturdy and are able to hold more load than any average disposable dishware on the market. Jollychef added an extra layer to the rim of these heavy duty plastic tableware, so you don’t have to worry about breakage or fracture. The fork and knife are sturdy enough to handle any heavy or hard meal, hence, you can even clean them up and use for multiple times.

Disposable Tableware Sets Made with Safe Materials

Besides boasting super sturdiness, our plastic dining ware is safe for use. Made from 100% food-grade and BPA-Free materials, Jollychef’s dinner sets have no harm to the body. Plus, both plastic dinnerware and eco-friendly dinnerware at our store are durable and packed with carefully for shipping.

Choose Biodegradable Dinnerware for Earth-Friendly Option

Jollychef delivers a load of eco-friendly dinnerware options. Look for plates, bowls, cups, and even cutlery made from sustainable materials like paper or recycled plastic. These biodegradable dinnerware are not only earth-friendly but also human-friendly. As they’re made with high-quality and food-grade materials.

Suitable for Any Application and Scenario

Disposable tableware sets are a lifesaver for any gathering, big or small. You can find different types of dinnerware sets at Jollychef, including complete combinations with dinner plates, salad bowls, and cutlery. Mix and match plates, bowls, and cups to create a custom set that reflects your unique style.

Elegant Plastic Dinnerware Sets

Disposable dinnerware sets don’t necessary have to be plain or boring. You can go with elegant plastic dinnerware sets for your wedding, birthday party, bachelor party, christmas and more! Choose from classic white, sophisticated gold, pink, silver, or modern square shapes. And simply toss the disposable dinnerware when the party's over for hassle-free fun.

In addition to our dinnerware sets, we also carry a variety of plastic bowls and plate sets, disposable cups, cutlery, and napkins in coordinating colors and designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please can I buy only the plates for a wedding? Kindly advise.

If it is not a super formal wedding which requires porcelain or glass items, I think they will be perfect.

Can all of the included products be recycled in NY state?

I am not sure about NY state but it is really sturdy and can be reused.

I need this for a wedding tomorrow is there anyway I can get this early Saturday morning

Dear Customer, Thank you for your interested in our gold dinnerware set. We inquired the customer service. They told us that you should offer your postcode, then they will check if the item can delivery on Saturday morning or not. You can also try to contact Amazon Customer Service. Any question, pls contact us.

I have my party in a week and I open the box and utensils are broken. Do I have to send back the whole boxes?

maybe. Just call customer service. They will probably send you a new box

disposable dinnerware sets disposable dinnerware sets

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