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Our disposable cutlery set is made from BPA-free plastic, making it an easy and hygienic way to dispense cutlery for any event! Perfect for restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias, and food delivery services such as uber eats, GrubHub, Doordash, etc.

This disposable cutlery set is the perfect solution for elegance and convenient dining in any venue! Cut down on cleaning and dishwashing time and make life more comfortable.

Plastic Cutlery

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Heavy Duty Plastic Cutlery

Jollychef’s disposable cutlery is made with high-quality plastic and is surprisingly sturdy. These utensils can handle even hearty meals without bending or breaking. When the fun is over, simply toss this disposable cutlery for a quick and easy cleanup. 

At any gathering, celebration or event that offers serving meals, disposable cutlery is a must-have. Our plastic cutlery sets come in a variety of packs, from 300 to 360 pieces, depending on the size of your crowd. You can choose from classic white or go for a minimalist design with our transparent plastic cutlery sets. 

Plastic Forks and Spoons

We offer bulk packs of plastic forks, spoons, and knives. No more scrambling for last-minute disposable forks and spoons – always be prepared by bulk purchasing plastic forks and spoons.

Here's what makes Jollychef Disposable Forks and Spoons the perfect pick:

Durable: Made from high-quality plastic, our plastic cutlery set can handle any meal without breaking. Choose from our sturdy 5.71-7.1-inch spoons, perfect for soups, cereals, and desserts, or our versatile forks and knives available in similar lengths.

Various Options: We have a complete selection of disposable forks, knives, and even plastic soup spoons for different servings.

Cost-effective: Buying plastic spoons and forks in bulk saves you money, especially for larger events.

Safe: Every heavy duty plastic cutlery at our store is rigorously tested and meets safety standards. Moreover, the sealed packaging makes sure of their hygiene and protects the utensils from contamination from outside.

Multiple Sizes & Perfect Portions: Our plastic cutlery set comes in a 5.71-inch to 7.1-inch size, perfect for different meals and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these products durable?

They have durability and sturdy, and are suitable for both hot and cold.

Is it disposable cutlery?

Yes, but our product is sturdy and durable, and can be used multiple times if you clean it after use.

What are the products of these things?
What is the specific classification of cutlery set?

The cutlery set includes forks, spoons, and knives, and the quantity is evenly distributed according to the packaging quantity. The number of knives, forks, and spoons is the same.

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