disposable dinnerware wholesale

Disposable Tableware Wholesale

In the fast-paced modern life, restaurants face the challenge of improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring food safety simultaneously. Disposable dinnerware wholesale, with its convenience, hygiene, and economic advantages, has become a new choice for many restaurants.


disposable tableware supplier

All of our products are not only suitable for daily use, but also for holiday gatherings, weddings, parties, banquets, and restaurant operations.

disposable tableware supplier

Our products has a good quality and strong bearing capacity. You can put more foods. It will not be damaged when you pick it up easily.

disposable tableware supplier

We all use green and environmentally friendly raw materials to make our products, which are not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing and durable.

disposable tableware supplier

Disposable products help you save time and energy on cleaning, and provide convenience and reliability for your gatherings.

disposable tableware supplier

We strive to provide you with the best purchasing service, and if you have any questions, we will solve them for you as soon as possible.

disposable tableware supplier

We will provide users with a variety of activities or discounts, including gift giving and discount codes, and offer strong discounts during holidays.

Brand Trust

Quality & Sustainability with Jollychef's Wholesale Paper Cups

As a leading disposable paper cup supplier in the United States, we curate an exquisite options of wholesale paper cups, with sizes ranging from the compact 10 oz for the quick espresso shots to the generous 20 oz for those indulgent beverages and more, they are the perfect companion for any drink.

Paper Cups Bulk Options:

Cup Sizes: 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz,

Cup Styles: Gray, Striped, Gray and Blue Leaf, and Custom design

We use top quality coated-paper for our wholesale paper cups production, and available in an array of designs, such as the serene blue and grey leaf patterns and the sophisticated stripes. The unique two-color set designs symbolize our yearning for life and our love for the environment, offering a visually appealing and eco-friendly solution for your businesses.

Sustainable Cardboard Cups bulk

Jollychef is an eco-conscious disposable paper cups supplier, that’s why we offer paper cups bulk that combine durability with environmental responsibility. The coated-paper material, chosen for its eco-friendly attributes, assures your business contributes positively to the planet.  Accompanied by white lids, sleeves, and stirrers, these disposable cups provide a comprehensive and sustainable option for catering businesses, coffee shops and restaurants etc.

Disposable Paper Cups Supplier for Every Business

As every business is unique and has different needs depending on their operation, Jollychef supplies disposable cups wholesale options that are both economical and efficient. Our 20 oz cups available in 600pack, 1200pack, or 2400pack, which is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Our value-driven packs are not just cost-effective but are also very durable and carefully designed for shipping, so when you bulk buy paper cups at Jolllychef your order arrives in pristine condition.

Takeaway Coffee Cups Wholesale Supplies

The coffee industry is more vibrant than ever, with a growing emphasis on quality and sustainability. At Jollychef, we have been supplying disposable coffee cups with lids wholesale for coffee shops and restaurants that embody quality and environmental responsibility. Our custom disposable coffee cups allows you to brand your business effectively.

 For businesses searching for the bulk buy paper cups with the highest quality and disposable coffee cups with lids wholesale, choose Jollychef. From takeaway coffee cups wholesale to custom coffee cups , your search for the highest quality at the best price ends here.