disposable cups

Made of heavy duty material to ensure minimal cracks and breakage during shipping and use! No glass shards means safer!When the party is over, you need to worry about cleaning one thing! Our plastic cups are disposable, so you can throw them into the trash bin at any time.

Reducing confusion means spending more time with family and friends and enhancing eachother's feelings.They are essential for home use and Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations,including outdoor camping and beach parties.

Plastic Cups

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Disposable Cups for Any Drink and Use

Our disposable drinkware is made to suit any beverage, from morning coffee to festive cocktails, and these disposable cups are perfect for any occasion or events.

Multiple Options for Best Disposable Cups

We have different sizes, colors, and designs of disposable drinkware for every use occasion.

Need disposable cups for your morning pick-me-up? Our disposable coffee cups are sized just right for your energizing brew. Hosting a tea party? Our charming disposable tea cups are what you need. Planning a backyard bash? We've got disposable tumblers perfect for water, juice, or even cocktails.

Best Disposable Cups for Hot and Cold Drinks

Jollychef has the best disposable cup for drinks like water, coffee, tea and cold drinks such as wine, shot, champagne etc. No matter if it’s piping hot beverages or refreshing iced drinks, disposable drinkware are specifically designed both for them, so they don’t sweat or become

Disposable Coffee Cups

No matter for home use or in need of disposable cups for your coffee shop or restaurant, Jollychef’s disposable coffee cups won’t let you down! Our disposable cups for hot drinks are leakproof and made of durable materials with unique designs. These disposable coffee cups can tightly seal with the lids so you don’t have to worry about spills or mess.

Disposable Wine Glasses

For wine lovers who are looking for disposable drinkware, Jollychef’s got sophisticated disposable wine glasses that add a touch of class to any gathering. Wine equals fanciness and Jollychef’s disposable wine glasses are sure to do the job well!

Disposable Champagne glasses

On a christmas party, new year party, bridal shower and any special celebration, champagne is a must-have drink for lightening up the mood. Thus, finding premium disposable champagne glasses that just look like glassware is essential. Our disposable champagne flutes are transparent and in different sizes , perfect for creating a festive atmosphere at your next party.

Plastic shot glasses

Our disposable shot glasses are perfect for bars, restaurants, parties and events. Besides serving as perfect plastic shot glasses, they can also be a fantastic party cup for wine tasting, whiskey, and tequila shooters, and more. Plus, our disposable plastic shot glasses are made of thicker PS material, which means they are more durable and won’t have any cracking issues.

Disposable Tumblers

Our disposable tumblers are made of thick and BPA-free plastic material, preventing it from breakage. Perfect for jello shots, fancy liquors and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these be used for warm drinks ... hot cider? Not boiling hot but warmed up.

You might but I wouldn’t. They are heavy duty but paper hot cups with lids would be safer.

Are these 100% sealed? Not a twisty tie, factory sealed?

I am pretty sure they were factory sealed.

Can you use them for hot beverages?

Dear Sir. We usually suggest not put high temperature hot water into the cup ,which may deform the cups

What is the recycle code on the bottom of this clear 10 ounce cup?

I looked at my cups and the only thing I saw on the bottom was a tiny "Triangle" and the 10oz , SO not sure if this will help You....It does not give any information on the box. They are sturdy and pretty.

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