8 oz 200 pack Clear Disposable Plastic Cups Tumblers

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Durable Material: Made of heavy-duty plastic to ensure minimal cracks and breakage during shipping and use! No glass shards mean safer! The design of the outer edge of the 8 oz plastic cups is more suitable for the body to pick up.

More professional design: The lightweight design of the 8-ounce clear plsatic cups facilitates separation from cup to cup. Stacking them saves space and reduces cabinet space. The transparent cup body is suitable for loading beverages and cocktails of various colors, and it is easier to distinguish the type of beverage while decorating the banquet.

Easy to use: When the party is over, you need to worry about cleaning one thing! Our 8oz plastic cups are disposable, so you can throw them into the trash at any time. Reducing confusion means spending more time with family and friends and enhancing each other's feelings.

Reusable: Our reusable Clear plastic cups are made of hard, transparent plastic. After the party, you can choose to discard the cups. Of course, you can choose to clean and wipe them clean for the next time. This cup is the perfect solution for elegant yet convenient dining at any venue

Wide Occasions: Whether you are at home for a small dinner or a big party at party, our clear plastic cups of 8 oz are perfect for anyone! They are a must-have for birthdays, weddings, and celebrations, including outdoor camping, and beach parties.

  • Color:clear
  • Material:PS-plastic
  • Shape:round
  • Capacity:8oz
  • Design:plain