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Strong, Stylish, Eco-friendly Paper Plates

Heavy-Duty Paper Plates: Made from high-quality, thick paper materials, our disposable paper plates won't buckle or leak, even under hefty loads. So you can enjoy worry-free serving for any meal.

Works for Every Occasion: You can find the best paper plates for your gathering at Jollychef! We have different sizes of cardboard plates, from small plates ideal for desserts to large dinner plates for main courses. Plus, our disposable paper plates’ designs include– classic white, festive prints, and more – can complement any theme or décor, so they can work perfectly as your holiday paper plates as well.

Eco-friendly Paper Plates: At Jollychef, we care about our planet, that’s why we prioritize sustainability. Our eco-friendly disposable plates are made from biodegradable and compostable materials. This means they decompose naturally after use, which can significantly decrease environmental impact. If you want to opt for an earth-friendly option while looking for high quality paper plates, our biodegradable disposable plates are the perfect fit!

Holiday Paper Plates: For your small or large-sized holiday parties, Jollychef’s disposable paper plates will be the best choice. From charming Christmas designs to playful Halloween prints, find the perfect holiday paper plates to add a delightful touch to your celebrations.

 Or if you want to have your customized disposable party plates specifically made for your party, office or celebrations, we’ve got those options as well! With our personalized paper plates and custom solutions, you can customize your disposable paper plates with any size, pattern, design and logo.

 Best Deal on Paper Plates

You can find the best deal on paper plates at Jollychef with competitive pricing both for retail and bulk options. Plus, when you order over $99, you'll qualify for free shipping, making it even easier to stock up on your party essentials.

While making a wise choice for your budget, we encourage you to consider choosing eco-friendly options: sustainable disposable plates - biodegradable disposable plates.

Why are paper plates good? Because unlike traditional plastic plates, they are made from renewable resources and decompose much faster, leaving a smaller environmental footprint. This translates to a healthier planet for all of us. Plus, our recyclable disposable plates are microwavable and freezer safe, which means unlike some traditional paper plates or plastic plates with chemical coatings, you can heat your food in the microwave without any worry. Thus, Jollychef’s cardboard plates are a safe both for our bodies and our planet! 

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