Our disposable plates are sturdy and durable, with excellent heat resistance, cut resistance and leakage resistance. They are large in size, have a strong weighing capacity, and can hold a lot of food. Besides, disposable dinner plates are microwaved and freezer safe.

The paper plates are made of environmentally friendly raw materials such as plant fibers, which not only ensure safety but also reduce the pressure of environmental protection.Moreover, our paper tray comes in a variety of floral designs, which are both elegant and fashionable, adding highlights to your gathering.

disposable plates

Assiettes en papier jetables

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Best-quality Disposable Plates

Looking for best quality disposable plates for any picnic, celebration, or office event? JollyChef has been producing high-quality disposable dinnerware and supplying the US market with the best quality disposable plates for many years. The main advantage of disposable tableware is that hosts don’t have to worry about washing stacks of dishes, making them not only convenient but also cost-effective. Who wants to deal with heavy, breakable, and expensive glassware for every event, right? That’s why disposable plates are undeniably a practical choice. However, finding the most durable and sturdy disposable plates can also be a headache. Our store, with its high customer satisfaction and repeat purchases, showcases the quality of our products and disposable dishes convincingly.

Heavy-Duty Disposable Plates That Can Hold Heavy Loads

Disposable dishes can be used for a tons of different foods and events: formal gatherings, birthdays, parties, picnics, and celebrations of all kinds. The versatility of disposable plate sets means they’re suitable for all types of food, desserts, fruits – virtually anything you can think of. Forget the misconception that disposable dinner plates mean weaker durability compared to traditional dishes. Let's shatter that notion. Our heavy-duty disposable plates are robust, thick, and made from 100% food-grade materials, offering high durability for even multiple uses, if washing isn’t an issue for you. So, you can load these sturdy disposable plates up without fear of them buckling under the weight.

Elegant Disposable Plates That Add Color and Elegance

Using ordinary tableware for various events can sometimes diminish the aesthetics and atmosphere of the occasion. Hence, choosing elegant disposable plates and cutlery is essential. Worry not, as Jolly Chef offers a variety of beautifully designed fancy throw away plates that look like porcelain plates and genuinely sophisticated, perfect for weddings, parties, and fancy events. We have everything from premium gold-rimmed to vibrant pink-bordered plates, in addition to a variety of shapes including round, square, and with compartments.

Compostable Dinner Plates for an Earth-Friendly Choice

Choosing disposable doesn’t mean compromising the environment. At JollyChef, our mission is to enhance our life and the environment around us. That's why we support the use of compostable disposable plates, which break down and integrate into the soil, marking a positive step for both nature and us. These compostable dinner plates are an eco-friendly choice without the guilt.

High-Quality Disposable Plates We Offer

Categories: Plastic disposable plates and Eco- friendly Paper Plates. Our plastic and paper disposable plate sets are designed for different preferences and event types.

Sizes: 6 inches - 10 inches. For appetizers, main courses, or desserts, we have the perfect size to suit your any meal.

Shapes: Round, Square, With Compartments. We have different shapes of disposable plates for different presentation styles, with compartment options making them ideal for meals requiring separation.

Colors: White, Black, Decorated, Seasonal Themes (Christmas, Halloween, etc). Different colors and designs of fancy disposable plates are available to match the theme of your event.With a plentiful options of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors, our sturdy disposable dishes, including compostable dinner plates and elegant disposable plates are suited for any event with aesthetically appealing designs, and environmentally friendly options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these be disposed in a home composter, or do they need to be composted in a commercial composter?

Our products are certified commercial and backyard compostable. So they can be disposed in backyard or compost bin that will go to a commercial composting facility, either works.

Who certifies that these are PFAS free?

Our plates are certified PFAS-free by TUV Rheinland.

Do these need to be used within a certain time frame as to not decompose/expire?

Not if they stay dry.

Explain to me exactly what microwave and oven safe means ... I've got a electric convection oven... ?

Microwave safe means you can heat your food in a microwave without any worries for your health (unlike traditional paper plates, coated plates or plastic plates)

disposable plates

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