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7 Discounted Disposable Tableware on Prime Day 2024

7 Discounted Disposable Tableware on Prime Day 2024

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is quickly approaching. It offers the perfect opportunity to stock up on home essentials or retail supplies. With summer activities approaching, disposable tableware is on the shopping lists of many households. As a top brand in the industry, Jolly Chef offers high-quality, affordable options. For Prime Day, we are offering 15% off to help you refresh your supply. You can use the discount code Z66KE9T5B61W on your purchases throughout July 16-17. Be sure to take advantage of these good Prime Day deals to prepare for gatherings without breaking the budget.


Top Products Are on Sale

At Jolly Chef, we are featuring some of our most popular disposable tableware essentials at discounted prices during Prime Day 2024. The top-rated options you can get at a 15% discounted prime sale pricing include:


  1. 10ozHeavy Duty Clear Plastic Cups


Retail Price (100 pack): $40.99 $34.84

Wholesale Price (300 pack): $95.99 $81.59


These 10oz cups are made of durable, BPA-free plastic. Their durable build quality makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities. They maintain an elegant, clear appearance. Its features include:

  • Crystalline clarity showcases colorful beverages to liven up gatherings
  • Durable PET plastic stands up to spills, stains, and cracks for long-lasting use
  • Versatile 10oz size suits any drink from water to cocktails


  1. 12” X 17” inchDisposable Hand Towels (Gold)


Retail Price (200 pack): $55.99 $47.59

Wholesale Price (800 pack): $179.79 $152.82


These luxury paper hand towels are durable and absorbent. They are printed with a delicate gold pattern for an elegant look. They are ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or dining table. Their top characteristics include:

  • Luxurious linen-soft texture immediately absorbs moisture from hands
  • Gold foil print livens up bathroom and kitchen surfaces with a glittering accent
  • Generous quarter-folded sizeensures complete drying


  1. 12” X 17” inchDisposable Hand Towels (Silver)


Retail Price (200 pack): $55.99 $47.59

Wholesale Price (800 pack): $179.79 $152.82


These feature the same high-quality material and size as the gold towels but with a chic silver printed design. Their top characteristics include:

  • Spa-like softness dries hands with every use
  • Gleaming silver pattern lends refined shine to counters and tables
  • Concealed 1/6th fold increases absorbency without bulk


  1. 7” X 13” inchPaper Napkins Guest Towels


Retail Price (200 pack): $49.99 $42.49

Wholesale Price (800 pack): $179.79 $152.82


These are luxuriously soft 3-ply napkins printed in gold for any formal dining occasion after Prime Day 2024 shopping. Reasons to get these include:

  • Triple-ply material cuts through spills while retaining a delicate drape
  • Bold gold motif casts a lustrous glow over weddings and special gatherings
  • Oblong shape fits all settings from casual to white-tablecloth fine dining
  • Generously sized sheets satisfy guests and eliminate wasted napkins


  1. 10 InchDisposable Paper Plates for Everyday Use


Retail Price (140 pack): $60.99 $51.84

Wholesale Price (560 pack): $179.69 $152.73


These are dense paper plates that won’t sag or leak. They are ideal for all mealtimes from weeknight dinners to large event gatherings. Top features include:

  • Rigid construction holds foodwithout sagging or spillage
  • Microwave safe for reheating leftovers with carefree convenience
  • Plain white color coordinates with any theme or tableware


  1. 37 InchDisposable Plate for Everyday Use


Retail Price (140 pack): $50.99 $43.34

Wholesale Price (560 pack): $147.79 $125.62


These are the same quality paper plates but in a smaller size. This makes them perfect for lunches or snacks. Their printed design adds visual interest. Key features include:

  • Compact size matches lunches, children’s meals, and appetizers
  • Bold blue tint enhances picnics and casual get-togethers
  • Durable construction prevents crumbling under wet or hot foods


  1. 10 InchEco-Friendly Disposable White Sugarcane Paper Plates


Retail Price (125 pack): $47.99 $40.79

Wholesale Price (500 pack): $150.99 $128.34


These are an eco-friendly option made from sustainable materials but with the same durability as plastic. They are compostable for a greener event. Top characteristics include:

  • Earth-conscious pulp material breaks down without polluting the soil
  • Large 10-inch surface accommodates full portions
  • Rigid construction stands up to sauces, salads, and more
  • Bamboo fibers add sustainability without sacrificing strength


Why Choose Jolly Chef

As the premier name in disposable tableware, Jolly Chef offers high-quality products at affordable prices. With an unrivaled commitment to customer service, variety, and food safety, you can count on us for tableware needs now and in the future. When choosing tableware to take advantage of the upcoming Amazon Prime Day 2024 event, consider the benefits we offer:

  • Seasoned Selection:A continually expanding line-up of hundreds of items to suit any cuisine, theme, or budget.
  • Value Competition:Affordable prices are made possible by minimizing overhead costs.
  • Eco Consideration:Responsible sourcing of materials and manufacturing processes minimize environmental impact.
  • Meticulous Testing:Rigorous durability and safety testing far exceeding industry standards.
  • Friendly Experts:Talented customer support representatives readily answer questions via phone or email.


Overall, we make party planning and daily tasks easier with our wide variety of durable, aesthetically pleasing disposable tableware offerings. So, refresh your supply for less with our 15% off select offerings this Prime Day 2024. Whether hosting an event and enjoying casual family meals or stocking up for retailing, you can take advantage of this limited-time offer to acquire top-quality disposable tableware.

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