1.5 oz 50 pack Jelly Shot Syringes Perfect for Jello Shot Cups

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Safe and Hygienic - Jelly shot syringes made with safe, high-quality plastic, approved for food use. Contain no BPA and no harmful substances, so they can be safely injected into drinks. Compared with ordinary open cups, syringes are closed and free from dust, so they are safe and hygienic and safe to use.

Great Value For The Money - Get the lowest price available on these medium 1.5 oz High Quality, BPA-free plastic Jelly Shots Syringes - washable and durable. Party all night with these reusable syringes for jelly shots.

Easy To Use - Instead of ordinary and boring cups, just inject your shots or drink into the syringe and cover the caps (Caps on each syringe prevent leaking). Let the drink or jelly cool down, then push the jelly injection plunger straight into your mouth

Convenient Lifestyle -After a happy party, you don't have to pick up the messy cups and leave more time for your family and friends to enjoy the wonderful time together and enhance the relationship between each other. Let you have an impressive party

Widely Application-Primarily for syringe injections of colourful jelly, it can add more fun to your event for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, bachelor parties, concerts, graduation nights, camping, birthday parties, bars, etc.

  • Color:clear
  • Material:PET-plastic
  • Shape:other
  • Capacity:1.5oz
  • Design:plain